Creating Great Websites For Belfast Businesses

Serious about mobile-first responsive design
Serious about mobile-first responsive design

In today's world of iPhone, tablets and smart phones, the internet is turning into a very different ecosystem. No longer does your website simply need to look good on a computer screen, but it has to look amazing on a mobile device.

Not only is this important for usability, but it is a huge ranking factor when if comes to the Google search algorithm. You web designer should know this and should be able to create a site that delivers responsive design, great looks, is visually appealing, works and delivers images and content with quick server response times.

Your website, for your business or as an individual, should be delivering content using fast server options, should be utilising content management systems, and should, first and foremost be extremely user friendly. It should deliver the content in an easy to read fashion. It should be designed to take advantage of the latest device features. It needs to load quickly so you end-users arent left frustrated. You want you web site users to enjoy using your site.

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